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  • 20 Jul 2021

    NHS Digital (NHSD) extract of GP data for Research purposes (known as the GPDPR) DELAY

    The current NHS Digital (NHSD) extract of GP data for Research purposes (known as the GPDPR) has been delayed due to NHSD wishing to review the way in which this data will be collected, to conduct more public involvement and information about the plans and change the way in which patients can opt out of the extract of their GP data. Currently the only way to opt out is to complete a Type 1 opt out form and return this to the practice by the 1st September. However, this extract will not be taken until the NHSD have changed the way it will take the data and respect the patient’s choice for using their data. NHSD are introducing the following changes to the opt out process which will mean that patients will be able to change their opt-out status at any time:- • Patients do not need to register a Type 1 opt-out by 1st September to ensure their GP data will not be uploaded. • NHS Digital will create the technical means to allow GP data that has previously been uploaded to the system via the GPDPR collection to be deleted when someone registers a Type 1 opt-out. • The plan to retire Type 1 opt-outs will be deferred for at least 12 months while we get the new arrangements up and running and will not be implemented without consultation with the RCGP, the BMA and the National Data Guardian. This means that you can opt out at any time in the future and NHSD will delete data that they already have taken for research purposes, the deadline of the 01/09/2021 has been delayed until a new system of opt out is developed. Hopefully, this will be a simple centralised approach via the NHS app or NHS website to avoid paper form and administration work for your GP practice. We will update you further when we know more about the NHSD plans to change how you can control who has access to your data.

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  • 17 Feb 2021

    Booking a covid vaccination - text messages

    Text messages are being sent to eligible patients asking to book online via a link for a covid vaccination. Please note we are inviting patients in accordance with the government JVCI priority cohort list. Please do not contact the practice regarding booking your covid vaccination. We will contact you when it is your turn to be vaccinated either by phone, text message or letter.

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  • 1 Feb 2021

    GPs training in practice

    We currently have 3 GP Trainees - Dr Sadia Javaid and Dr Amrou Abdelnaby both GP Registrars who are with the practice until February 2022 and Dr Steven Hopkins I&R GP who is with the practice until January 2022. We wish them all every success in their placements with the practice.

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  • 15 Jan 2021



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  • 7 Jan 2021

    2021 Training Afternoon Closures


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  • 21 Oct 2020

    ORCHA Humber Health App Link

    http://humberhealthapps.co.uk/ Digital health is revolutionising health and care services, forming a crucial step on the road to care that is more efficient and patient-centred than today. But, with hundreds of thousands of apps available, and 85% falling below quality thresholds, health and care professionals require tools to find the right digital solutions for their patients' and service users' needs. Developed by clinicians, ORCHA's AppFinder gives you unlimited access to thousands of independent app reviews across all health conditions, each of which includes a breakdown of key assessment criteria relating to Clinical Assurance, Data Privacy and User Experience. Sign up to discover the strengths and weaknesses of an app before downloading or recommending it to a patient. Feel confident in accessing quality assured digital health. Is your digital doctor qualified?

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  • 19 Oct 2020

    News from the Carers Support Service North Lincolnshire

    Web link to News from Carers Support Service North Lincolnshire:- https://mailchi.mp/f6f165995b03/oh7jxg30rl-4473182?e=0192a1137a The Carers' Support Service is open for business, and has been throughout this pandemic, If you need Carer support you can contact the Carers Support Service North Lincolnshire by emailing info@carerssupportcentre.com or calling 01652 650585.

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  • 3 Aug 2020


    Calls to and from the surgery are recorded and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 and the Data Protection Act 2018, calls are recorded for monitoring, training and dispute resolution purposes.

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  • 18 May 2020

    Coronavirus Advice

    Advice for patients

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  • 19 Feb 2020


    From Wednesday 1 April 2020, we are making changes to the way you can order your repeat prescriptions.

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